Episode 61: Nurse (not) 3D (2013)

Episode 61: Nurse (not)3D
[1. Fem is probably correct - the person Abby witnesses her dad screwing is wearing a white uniform and therefore very likely a nurse. 2. Robin Wood's last book is Sexual Politics and Narrative Film: Hollywood and Beyond.]

Nurse 3DNOTES:

Nurse 3D

Episode 38: American Mary

The Children’s Hour

Episode 49: Jennifer’s Body

Lost Highway

Blue Velvet

Under the Radar review

Clarence Thomas testimony

GLAAD Studio Responsibility Index



Episode 60: Cruising (1980)

Episode 60: Cruising
[We didn't mention this, but you may be interested to know that James Franco and Travis Matthews made a film inspired by Friedkin's Cruising. Find out more here.]


Cruising (film)

Cruising (novel)

Randy Jurgensen

“Gay Old Time”


Queer as Folk

“Sex and Urban Planning: Samuel R. Delany’s Times Square Red, Times Square Blue”

“Lion’s Share” by The Germs

Darby Crash


Paul Allen

Geek Girl Con

Episode 59: Sleepaway Camp (1983)

Episode 59: Sleepaway Camp
[Meredith's fears were correct - the character we referred to as "Allen" is in fact named "Paul." This brain fart may be due to the association of the names Paul and Allen thanks to American Psycho.]

Sleepaway CampNOTES:

Sleepaway Camp

Frank Henenlotter

“In Hobby Lobby, Supreme Court Chooses Religion Over Science”

“Extreme Anal Porn’s Shitty Consequences” (NSFW)

Disney’s Bug Juice