Episode 50: Twin Peaks, Fire Walk with Me (1992)

Episode 50: Twin Peaks, Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks Fire Walk with MeNOTES:

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Essays mentioned from Full of Secrets: Critical Approaches to Twin Peaks
* The Canonization of Laura Palmer by Christy Desmet
* Lynching Women: A Feminist Reading of Twin Peaks by Diana Hume George
* Double Talk in Twin Peaks by Alice Kuzniar
* Postmodernism and Television: Speaking of Twin Peaks by J.P. Telotte

An opinion on favoring Fire Walk with Me over the television series

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me shooting script

Why does the monkey say “Judy” at the end of FWWM?

“David Lynch Keeps His Head” by David Foster Wallace

Episode 47: The Hunger (1983)

Episode 47: The Hunger
[Dan Hedaya plays Lieutenant Allegrezza and the genetic disease that causes accelerated aging in children is called progeria.]


The Hunger

Tony Scott’s career after The Hunger

The Hunger (TV series)

Episode 04: Let The Right One In

Bauhaus – “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”

Countess Luann – “Money Can’t Buy You Class”

Classic Horror’s review of The Hunger

The Border House

“Free as in Sexism” by Joseph Reagle

Episode 45: Martyrs (2008)

Episode 45: Martyrs


The New French Extremity
* Wikipedia article
* “Flesh & Blood: Sex and violence in recent French cinema” by James Quandt
* Meredith’s picks:
- Enter the Void
- Fat Girl
- Pola X

“Philosophy of Martyrs: The Transcendence of Torture” by Andrew Couzens

Interview with Pascal Laugier for Shock Til You Drop

Episode 11: Witchfinder Gender Role!

Princess Donna

Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science

You Killed Me First


Hellbound: Hellraiser 2


NOVA: Genie (Secret of the Wild Child)

Fritzl case

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