Coming to Nashville in April…

So many cool films playing in Nashville this April. If you live in the Middle Tennessee area, we suggest you get your butt to the theater! Some of the films Fem’s excited about:

Nymphomaniac – Opening April 4, Belcourt

Under the Skin – Opening April 11, Belcourt

Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Festival – April 18-20, Nashville Convention Center
The Lost Boys with special guest Corey Feldmen – April 18 at Midnight, Belcourt
Scream with special guest Jamie Kennedy – April 19 at Midnight, Belcourt

Dune x 2 at Belcourt
Jodorowsky’s Dune – TBD
David Lynch’s Dune – April 25 & 26 at Midnight

Kids Shows at Belcourt
Labyrinth – April 19 at 10AM
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – April 26 at 10AM

Nashville Film Festival – April 17-26, Green Hills and Downtown
Graveyard Shift programming – “Mapping the darker parameters of the Nashville Film Festival”
I Believe in Unicorns
Drunktown’s Finest
Blackout: On Swan Pond (documentary) – When a retention wall at a coal fired power plant spilled one billion tons of toxic ash into a small community in East Tennessee, Americans learned coal ash is a problem that has been ignored for decades. Blackout explores the growing energy crisis by examining one community that was affected by the ever increasing need for electricity.

Now for the important question: Which get The Whorer treatment?

When Feminists Attack Presentation Materials (Con Nooga 2014)

The Whorer had a great time at Con Nooga this weekend. When Feminists Attack: Women and Horror Films had a great turnout and produced some great conversation. If interested:

- Slides

- Handout

Just to recap: We did a presentation celebrating Women in Horror Recognition Month at Chattanooga, Tennessee’s Con Nooga. While we will not be dedicating an entire podcast episode to this particular con, we will take some time to talk about our overall experiences at the end of next week’s episode on Beyond the Black Rainbow.

Episode 50: Twin Peaks, Fire Walk with Me (1992)

Episode 50: Twin Peaks, Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks Fire Walk with MeNOTES:

Twin Peaks Online -

The David Lynch Resource -

Twin Peaks Archive -

Welcome to Twin Peaks –

David Lynch and Twin Peaks News –

Essays mentioned from Full of Secrets: Critical Approaches to Twin Peaks
* The Canonization of Laura Palmer by Christy Desmet
* Lynching Women: A Feminist Reading of Twin Peaks by Diana Hume George
* Double Talk in Twin Peaks by Alice Kuzniar
* Postmodernism and Television: Speaking of Twin Peaks by J.P. Telotte

An opinion on favoring Fire Walk with Me over the television series

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me shooting script

Why does the monkey say “Judy” at the end of FWWM?

“David Lynch Keeps His Head” by David Foster Wallace

Who Killed Laura Palmer? 50th Episode and Contest

To celebrate our 50th episode and two year anniversary we’ll be re-visiting the world of Twin Peaks 25 years after the fact, when Dale Cooper is scheduled to meet Laura Palmer in the Black Lodge. This epic event will post on February 17th which means you only have about a week to get your contest entry submitted!

Yes, it’s the first ever Whorer Podcast contest! Here’s how to play:

Tell us who your favorite woman-identified character in the Twin Peaks universe is and why.

Points will be given for originality of thought, critical insight, and humor.

Entries must be submitted via any means of contact you feel most comfortable with by 5pm CST on Friday, February 14th. One entry per person.

* an exclusive UNEDITED Whorer commentary track to David Lynch’s 1984 beautiful disasterpiece Dune
* a copy of Dune on DVD with customized fan art to accompany our mind-blowing commentary

Winner will be announced February 17th at Noon CST to coincide with the release of our 50th episode featuring our analysis of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me. At this time we will contact the winner and request a mailing address.