Upcoming: Fem does Nashville Film Festival #NashFilm18

Those who miss us, rejoice! Although the podcast is on hiatus, Fem is happy to announce hir most recent adventure – being a screenwriting juror for the Nashville Film Festival! Ze is very honored and will be hanging out and watching movies at the fest May 10-19. Expect tweets and a roundup of films while ze’s out of stasis.

Some random 2018 updates:

  • You might remember that ze was really angry about the direction and happenings in Twin Peaks: The Return. Ze’s happy to report that after a recent rewatch, ze is cool with it. Ze is also cool with the way X-Files, Season 12 ended.
  • What else has ze been watching? Lots of TV mysteries like Dark and The Frozen Dead and even superhero stuff like Black Panther and Thor: Ragnarok. Ze also discovered the highly entertaining web series, Queer Ghost Hunters, and was pleasantly surprised by how much she liked Kristen Stewart in Personal Shopper. Ze recently watched It Comes at Night and the Grace Jones documentary, Bloodlight and Bami, and thought they were both fantastic. Ze is currently enjoying Netflix’s Lost in Space and Aggretsuko.
  • Speaking of cartoon animals, Ze experienced the magic of Night in the Woods, a horror video game exactly hir style and pace. Ze loved it so much that it encouraged hir to try and play other story based games on Steam, but ze’s pretty much video game illiterate and the attempt was short lived.
  • As a fan of Jurassic Park and dinosaurs ze is super duper looking forward to the release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom next month, followed by the new release of what’s shaping up to be a franchise ze really digs, The First Purge. Ze is also hoping to finally get to see They Say I’m Different – the Betty Davis documentary ze kickstarted way back in 2015.

What have you been up to?

Episode 106: Get Out (2017)

Episode 106: Get Out
[Correction: Jordan Peele and Greta Gerwig are in fact on the cover of Vanity Fair, not The Hollywood Reporter and not Entertainment Weekly.]


Get Out

“Horror Blackademics: The Get Out (2017) Syllabus”

“‘Get Out’ -inspired UCLA class gets students to dig into portrayals of race and fear”

“The Disturbing History of African-Americans and Medical Research Goes Beyond Henrietta Lacks”

“Jordon Peele on a Real Horror Story: Being Black in America”

The Skeleton Key

“‘Now You’re in the Sunken Place’: ‘Get Out’ Eyes Oscar with awards collectible of the season” 

Episode 96: Five Year Reflection

Episode 104: Near Dark (1987)

Episode 104: Near Dark


Near Dark

The Cinema of Kathryn Bigelow: Hollywood Transgressor
* “Suck…don’t suck: Framing ideology in Kathryn Bigelow’s Near Dark” by Steven Jay Schneider
* “Vampires, Indians, and the queer fantastic: Kathryn Bigelow’s Near Dark” by Sara Gwenllian Jones

Episode 04: Let the Right One In

Episode 81: Hellraiser

Episode 98: Rhymes for Young Ghouls

Living in Darkness

Taking Tiger Mountain

“[UPDATED] Hold Up: Nikki Reed Says Ian Somerhalder Stole and Threw Out Her Birth Control Pills to Get Her Pregnant”

“James Cameron: ‘The downside of being attracted to independent women is that they don’t need you'”

“Indian Country Today hiatus is a blow to nuanced coverage of indigenous peoples”

Episode 100: The Graveyard Shift at Nashville Film Festival (2017)

Episode 100: The Graveyard Shift at Nashville Film Festival


Nashville Film Festival

A Closer Walk with Thee

Birdboy: The Forgotten Children


Without Name


Show Yourself

JackRabbit 29

The Void

The Night Watchmen

Dawn of the Deaf

Spell Claire

HP Lovecraft’s The Beast in the Cave

Ghosting the Party



20th Century Women

Drupal controversy:
* “Living Our Values” by Dries Buytaert
* “Thoughts on recent Drupal governance decisions” by Christie Koehler
* Open letter to Dries Buytaert

Upcoming: The Whorer Does Nashville Film Festival #NashFilm17

Nashville Film Festival is back this week and so is our favorite genre track – the Graveyard Shift! Here are the features we plan to check out:

A Closer Walk with Thee
BirdBoy: The Forgotten Children
Without a Name
Show Yourself
JackRabbit 29
The Void
The Night Watchmen

You can view the festival’s full lineup here. Expect our review episode to be posted on May 8. Until then, follow the fun on Twitter: @graveyardspectr @thewhorer #NashFilm17