Episode 106: Get Out (2017)

Episode 106: Get Out
[Correction: Jordan Peele and Greta Gerwig are in fact on the cover of Vanity Fair, not The Hollywood Reporter and not Entertainment Weekly.]


Get Out

“Horror Blackademics: The Get Out (2017) Syllabus”

“‘Get Out’ -inspired UCLA class gets students to dig into portrayals of race and fear”

“The Disturbing History of African-Americans and Medical Research Goes Beyond Henrietta Lacks”

“Jordon Peele on a Real Horror Story: Being Black in America”

The Skeleton Key

“‘Now You’re in the Sunken Place’: ‘Get Out’ Eyes Oscar with awards collectible of the season” 

Episode 96: Five Year Reflection

Episode 104: Near Dark (1987)

Episode 104: Near Dark


Near Dark

The Cinema of Kathryn Bigelow: Hollywood Transgressor
* “Suck…don’t suck: Framing ideology in Kathryn Bigelow’s Near Dark” by Steven Jay Schneider
* “Vampires, Indians, and the queer fantastic: Kathryn Bigelow’s Near Dark” by Sara Gwenllian Jones

Episode 04: Let the Right One In

Episode 81: Hellraiser

Episode 98: Rhymes for Young Ghouls

Living in Darkness

Taking Tiger Mountain

“[UPDATED] Hold Up: Nikki Reed Says Ian Somerhalder Stole and Threw Out Her Birth Control Pills to Get Her Pregnant”

“James Cameron: ‘The downside of being attracted to independent women is that they don’t need you'”

“Indian Country Today hiatus is a blow to nuanced coverage of indigenous peoples”

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