Episode 18: Geek Media Expo (2012)

Episode 18: Geek Media Expo Vol.4
One of our peeves is overly long podcasts, but it was a challenge to fit our reportage of an entire fan-con into a singular episode. Rather than post multiple episodes about the same event, we’ve included this handy chart if you want to jump to a specific topic:

Ghosts (00:03:59)
Multiculturalism (00:11:47)
Sexy Time (00:56:30)
Unicorns (01:31:20)



Tennessee Ghost Hunters

Sara Harvey
* Steam-Powered: Lesbian Steampunk Stories

Apparition Abolishers

Dennis Upkins
* Ars Marginal

Janet K. Lee
* The Return of the Dapper Men

Los Bros Hernandez

Being Human (BBC version)

Tanya Tate (NSFW)

Tanya Tate (SFW cosplay site)

Music City Burlesque


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