The Whorer Awards (2012)

Here they are! Our end-of-year / new year shout-outs! We liked them in 2012 and we’re excited for what they’ll bring us in 2013. Cheers.

Fucking While Feminist
A podcast hosted by writer, performer, and activist Jaclyn Friedman exploring how to negotiate your sex life with your feminist values and oh, so much more! Personally, I very much enjoyed the episode with Jessica Danforth, founder of the Native Youth Sexual Health Network. -Fem

Comicbookgirl19 has a Youtube show and a blog where she posts reviews and recommendations from most nerd movie genres. Her approach is fun and casual which lets her be entertaining while slipping in a lot of insightful commentary and historical knowledge. One of the unstated goals seems to be to teach the younger denizens of Youtube a bit of film culture. Which she does with aplomb. She was my go to source for info about the frustrating Prometheus. I recommend her analyses of the theatrical release and the Blu Ray disc. She isn’t afraid to say the word misogyny and often includes her grandmother in her videos. –Meredith

Academic Tim Gunn
Think: If Tim Gunn were critiquing graduate students instead of Project Runway contestants. As a former women and gender studies graduate student, the following meme is especially close to my heart.

Academic Tim Gunn

Too bad the site hasn’t been updated since October, but I’m hoping for a comeback when Season 11 premieres on January 24th. -Fem

Free as in Freedom Oggcast
Free software and feminism are part of the same social project. This oggcast discusses the legal and policy issues surrounding free, libre, and open source software. One would be hard pressed to find two people more qualified to do so. Co-host Bradley Kuhn is Executive Director of the Software Freedom Conservancy. Co-host Karen Sandler is the Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation. The GNOME project’s commitment to diversity is impressive. In addition, Karen is an advisor to the Ada Initiative which works to increase the participation of women in open technology and culture. Though Karen is a free software advocate, she is also a lawyer and graduate of a one name university. Bradley has a far more antagonistic relationship to power, being a former high school teacher and lifelong activist. The complex power dynamic between the two hosts is half the fun for me. I have a feeling most people don’t listen for the same reasons I do. Regardless, Free as in Freedom is an inspiring and informative program. –Meredith

Best Western Denver Southwest
Conveniently located near some of Colorado’s awesome geological and paleontological sites, renovations will turn this hotel into a dinosaur-themed resort just in time for summer 2013, but the fun I want to share with you lies on their Facebook page. I follow it just for the pics! -Fem

Study finds female porn actors have higher self esteem than control group
That headline pretty much says it all, but it is sad the researchers actually framed their study with the following language: “damaged goods hypothesis.” I learned about this study on a big media news site, it being listed as one of their top ten sex stories of the year. Also on their list: legally mandated condoms in porn as positive thing. Bah. –Meredith

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