February is Women in Horror Month!

In recognition of Women in Horror Month*, The Whorer podcast will dedicate its February episodes to women filmmakers.

February 11 – Episode 25: Jackie Kong and Roberta Findlay
First up, an exploration into the grindhouse works of Jackie Kong and Roberta Findlay. Discussion will focus on Kong’s Blood Diner (1987), Findlay’s The Oracle (1985), and gender politics surrounding the exploitation genre in general.

February 25 – Episode 26: The Commune (2009)
Next, we’ll round out the month with a dissection of Elisabeth Fies’ 2009 film, The Commune. Will we be able to resist comparing it to Robin Hardy’s cult classic, The Wicker Man (1973)? Is that anti Women in Horror Month?

For now, enjoy our PSA and check out our previous episode on the subject. You can also pre-game with our episodes about The Countess, American Psycho, Ginger Snaps, and The Slumber Party Massacre (all written and/or directed by women). And don’t forget to wish us a happy birthday on February 14! We’re turning 1!

*Women in Horror Month is a service provided by the Viscera Organization, a 501(c)3 non profit organization expanding opportunities for contemporary female genre filmmakers and artists by raising awareness about the changing roles for women in the film industry.

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