Women in Horror Month Roundup

Alas, Women in Horror Month (WiHM) is officially over, but don’t let that stop you from discussing women in the industry. Stay informed and be inclusive! Special thanks to all the wonderful ambassadors! Here are some highlights:

* After the great panel discussions about gender at GMX, Fem was excited to continue the conversation with Librarian of the Dead’s Women in Horror Comics blog series.

* Women in Horror Month launched their official podcast and Fem and Meredith were guests on Part 2 of the inaugural episode. Fem is a horrible interview, but you should definitely listen to everyone else! New episodes will be released monthly.

* We discovered the more articulate and sophisticated version of us, Faculty of Horror, via co-host Lady Hellbat. We also discovered Sci-Fi & Squeam, a podcast for queer geeks, and Bad Reputation, a feminist pop culture adventure blog.

* Our favorite Zombie Grrrlz (back from a bit of a hiatus) posted a new podcast episode about the Soska sisters.

* Fem was pleased to see this post about WiHM from a feminist/horror fan/man over at the Gore Loving Ladies blog. Who wants Meredith to write a piece like this for the Whorer?! MEEEE!

* Check out this awesome women-produced horror e-zine, The Sirens Call

* Fun fact! Founder Hannah Forman on some WiHM herstory: “February was selected because there are 28 days (unless it’s a leap year) and that, of course, falls in line with the menstrual cycle.” Den of Geek interview

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