Episode 32: Scream (1996)

Episode 32: Scream



Imposter syndrome

“Nerds: Stop hating women, please”

Kevin Williamson



I Spit On Your Grave

Episode 12: People Under the Stairs vs. Candyman

W. Earl Brown

Zombie Grrlz Episode 28: A Scream Retrospective

Women In Horror Month Podcast

4 responses to “Episode 32: Scream (1996)

  1. Hey guys – I’m glad I stumbled upon your podcast. I’ve been listening to your last few episodes recently and am really enjoying them.

    I’m with you on Scream – it’s always struck me as being so overrated. I’ve always thought the reason it fails so hard is because it seems to be aimed primarily at a non-horror audience. I just got so tired of how it was always explaining itself. And yeah, it’s really not subversive on any meaningful level – bleh.

    Keep up the good work! Looking forward to your take on Hausu.

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