Episode 33: House (1977)

Episode 33: House



Obayashi on UbuWeb

Tanaami on UbuWeb

“Spice Girls: Constructing Femininity the Popular Way” by Dafna Lemish

Adventure Time

“The Mary Sue interviews Jeanine Schaefer about Marvel’s new all-female X-Men series”

Naomi Elizabeth

Nick Hanauer’s censored TEDtalk

The Horror Cats

“Film Bodies: Gender, Genre, and Excess” by Linda Williams

“The Real Enemy: Asking The Hard Questions Why The Words ‘Women’ & ‘Masters of Horror’ Aren’t Forging”

Free As in Freedom Ox3D: Conference Behavior Redux

Fem’s Drinking Game

Take 1 drink every time…
* the cat meows
* you see Mr. Togo or he is mentioned

Take 2 drinks every time…
* Kung Fu does kung fu
* you see a pair of green glowing eyes

Bonus rounds!
* start drinking when Melody gets eaten by the piano and don’t stop until she’s disappeared
* chug the remainder of your drink when the cat spews blood

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