Episode 40: Ain’t It Dead Yet? (1988)

Episode 40: Ain’t It Dead Yet?

Aint It Dead YetNOTES:

Ain’t It Dead Yet? (DVD)

Ain’t It Dead Yet? (album)

Skinny Puppy


“Exclusive Top 10: Ogre gives us his favorite horror flicks plus more”

Ain’t It Dead Yet? (comic)

Episode 13: Jacob’s Ladder

Assimilate: A Critical History of Industrial Music by S. Alexander Reed

Litany – Semi-official SP archive and news site. The ultimate SP resource including:
*Corey’s lyrics archive
*Corey’s Last Rights tour archive

“Horror Sampled”

“Skinny Puppy’s Horror Show”

“Skinny Puppy’s Horror Show Part Two”

*Memory Lane
*Convulsion Vancouver

Greater Wrong of the Right (DVD)

Eurosolvent (DVD)
*band approved bootleg – free download

Free Puppy
*Vice magazine comparison of SP concert films

Go Ask Ogre

Cosey Fanni Tutti

“Unreleased Hellraiser Score – Coil”

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