Episode 47: The Hunger (1983)

Episode 47: The Hunger
[Dan Hedaya plays Lieutenant Allegrezza and the genetic disease that causes accelerated aging in children is called progeria.]


The Hunger

The Last Boy Scout

The Hunger (TV series)

Episode 04: Let The Right One In

 “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” by Bauhaus

“Money Can’t Buy You Class” by the Countess Luann

Classic Horror’s review of The Hunger

The Border House

“Free as in Sexist?” by Joseph Reagle

2 responses to “Episode 47: The Hunger (1983)

  1. Two things have been bugging me since this posted:

    1) I shouldn’t have joked about Tony Scott’s suicide. I know that people listen to hear us say outrageous things, but in this particular case I was insenstive and impulsive and I regret it.

    2) Another episode that deals with a lot of the same themes is Episode 9: Lemora (1973); namely, the children and the cult of beauty. Perhaps these are just vampire themes? Or a subset of vampire themes? It is an early one so the audio is cruddy.

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