Episode 49: Jennifer’s Body (2009)

Episode 49: Jennifer’s Body


Jennifer’s Body


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“Violet” by Hole

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Women in Horror Month

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6 responses to “Episode 49: Jennifer’s Body (2009)

  1. I can’t believe Fem let me get away with saying “you can tell if something is written by a woman.” Oh, really?

    There is a prologue and epilogue we left out of the synopsis and we more or less ignore. The events therein could effect the way you interpret the movie. Fem does mention that Needy finds the knife. I wish that was a spoiler. The awesome credits should have been part of the story proper… but if killing is fucking… Because we left these parts out, a viewer could get a lot more from this movie than what we talked about. That doesn’t change my opinion that the humor doesn’t work.

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