Episode 68: Ouija (2014)

Episode 68: Ouija





“The Fraught & Chilling True History of Ouija”

Satanic panic

Mazes and Monsters

Episode 25: Jackie Kong and Roberta Findlay

“Acclaimed sci-fi writer exposed as notorious Internet troll”


One response to “Episode 68: Ouija (2014)

  1. This was a thoroughly mediocre movie, as I expected. But I was in the mood for a horror film, and it was the only one in town.

    Sad that even horror movies are being rated PG-13 these days. With studio films so expensive, an R rating is considered too risky at the box office. Who thought we’d see a PG-13 zombie movie (WORLD WAR Z)? The Dissolve did a good rant about the tyranny (and failure) of the PG-13 rating.


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