Episode 79: Beloved (1998)

Episode 79: Beloved


Beloved (film)

Beloved (novel)

“Rev. Sekou on Today’s Civil Rights Leaders: I Take My Orders From 23-Year-Old Queer Women”

“The Destruction of a Black Suburb”

“Oprah Winfrey on Lee Daniels The Butler, Returning to the Big Screen, and the Commercial Failure of Beloved”

“It’s Black History & Women in Horror Month: Considering Beloved”

Freedom: The Underground Railroad

Space Empires 4X

Glenn Drover’s Empires: Age of Discovery

4 responses to “Episode 79: Beloved (1998)

    • I didn’t listen to her on NPR, but I have read a couple stories about it. Funny, too because our last episode was on MACHETE and I didn’t realize she was engaged to Robert Rodriguez.

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