About Us

Horror fanatic Feminist Furry and hir pal Meredith Widnoon offer critical feminist analyses of horror films and TV shows – the awesome, the terrible, and everything in between. Our approach is neither entirely academic nor fangirl/boy-ish – we do our best to lurk in the margins. The podcast is currently on hiatus, but we still occasionally involve ourselves in other shenanigans like live-tweets, film polls, fan conventions, and film festivals.


Listen to Women: 18 Badass Film Podcasts to Have on Your Radar. December 28, 2017.
Podcasting for change: a curated list by Beatrice Martini. April 22, 2015.

Best Horror Podcast in Nashville Scene’s Best of Nashville 2014.

Podcast feature in Body Count Zine #2. October 2013.

The First Official Women in Horror Month Podcast: Part Two. February 2, 2013.


Geek Media Expo
Geek Girl Con
Nashville Film Festival


“Coffee, Donuts, and Pie, Oh My! A Twin Peaks Fan Panel.” Con Nooga. February 2017.
“Chug-a-lug, Donna: The Women of Twin Peaks.” Geek Media Expo: Volume 8. October 2016.

“We Want to Believe (in The X-Files).” Con Nooga. February 2016.

“David Lynch’s Dune: Autopsy of a Hollywood Disasterpiece.” Geek Media Expo: Volume 6. October 2014.

“When Feminists Attack: Women and Horror Films.” Geek Media Expo: Volume 6. October 2014Con Nooga. February 2014.
“Fan Con Safe Zone.” Geek Media Expo: Volume 5. November 2013.

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