The Whorer Awards (2012)

Here they are! Our end-of-year / new year shout-outs! We liked them in 2012 and we’re excited for what they’ll bring us in 2013. Cheers.

Fucking While Feminist
A podcast hosted by writer, performer, and activist Jaclyn Friedman exploring how to negotiate your sex life with your feminist values and oh, so much more! Personally, I very much enjoyed the episode with Jessica Danforth, founder of the Native Youth Sexual Health Network. -Fem

Comicbookgirl19 has a Youtube show and a blog where she posts reviews and recommendations from most nerd movie genres. Her approach is fun and casual which lets her be entertaining while slipping in a lot of insightful commentary and historical knowledge. One of the unstated goals seems to be to teach the younger denizens of Youtube a bit of film culture. Which she does with aplomb. She was my go to source for info about the frustrating Prometheus. I recommend her analyses of the theatrical release and the Blu Ray disc. She isn’t afraid to say the word misogyny and often includes her grandmother in her videos. –Meredith Continue reading

GMX Follow Up: Nerdy Sexists vs. Sexy Nerdists

For the most part, Fem and I’s experience at Geek Media Expo (GMX) was positive. We were impressed with the vibe of inclusiveness and did not witness any overt sexual harassment. Our attending GMX was in many ways an experiment. We were testing the waters, attempting to see for ourselves if the environment at pop culture and technology conventions was as hostile as it is sometimes portrayed. This problem got a lot of press recently when some trolls pinged the wrong woman at NY Comic Con, but this is an old issue. Mags the Axe, gaming podcaster extraordinaire, does an annual panel about sexual harrasment at cons. Not to mention the sad need for CREEPER penalty cards at DefCon , and public push back over emergence of “brogrammer” culture.

Though we had a relatively pleasant time, there was an explosion of sexist incidents within geek culture on or around Halloween weekend when we were pre- and post-gaming our episode about GMX. I wanted to give a quick run down and relate some of the incidents back to thoughts that came up during our GMX episode. Fem tweeted this story about an online BDSM community’s reactionary hostility to one member’s account of public harassment.  ‘Geek’ and ‘kink’ are kissing cousins. The same weekend at GMX there was a vampire themed fetish ball here in Nashville. We met the promoter at GMX. Linked in the above story, is SkepChick’s parallel experience within the (thoroughly geeky) skeptics community; i.e., dare say anything about male misbehavior and start receiving death threats. As we mentioned in our episode, also taking place in Nashville during GMX was the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry Conference from which this tweet emerged: Continue reading

Episode 18: Geek Media Expo (2012)

Episode 18: Geek Media Expo Vol.4
One of our peeves is overly long podcasts, but it was a challenge to fit our reportage of an entire fan-con into a singular episode. Rather than post multiple episodes about the same event, we’ve included this handy chart if you want to jump to a specific topic:

Ghosts (00:03:59)
Multiculturalism (00:11:47)
Sexy Time (00:56:30)
Unicorns (01:31:20)



Tennessee Ghost Hunters

Sara Harvey
* Steam-Powered: Lesbian Steampunk Stories

Apparition Abolishers

Dennis Upkins
* Ars Marginal

Janet K. Lee
* The Return of the Dapper Men

Los Bros Hernandez

Being Human (BBC version)

Tanya Tate (NSFW)

Tanya Tate (SFW cosplay site)

Music City Burlesque


Episode 17: The X-Files – I Want to Believe (2008)

Episode 17: The X-Files I Want to Believe
[If The X-Files sparks your interest, be sure to check out Fem’s previous essays about the show which are linked below. They frame the conversation we have during this episode.]


The X-Files – I Want Believe

The X-Files (TV series)

“X-Files Loves It Some Daddy Patriarchy”

“‘You’re right, Mulder.’ X-Files, Part 2”

Geek Media Expo

Episode 08: Dark Star (1974), Prometheus (2012)

Episode 08: Dark Star vs Prometheus
[1. Fem says Prometheus created humans. In the myth, Prometheus didn’t create humans, but gave humans the gift of fire. Like ze says, ze got a C in mythology. In hir defense, the gift of fire is usually interpreted as enabling humans to create civilization so it is really not that much of a stretch. 2. The director of Robocop and Starship Troopers is Paul Verhoeven, not the made up pseudo-European name Meredith’s brain made up. 3. We chronically pronounce “Fassbinder” the German way in unconscious tribute to German queer film icon Rainer Werner Fassbinder.]


Dark Star


“Red Letter Media talks about Prometheus”

Carlos Poon’s helpful Prometheus infographic