Revisit the #NaFF14 Graveyard Shift on Netflix Instant

In 2 weeks we’ll review all the films we watched at this year’s Nashville Film Festival. In the meantime, revisit our coverage from last year and have your own mini film festival – 4 of the 8 titles discussed are streaming on Netflix:

ProxyProxy (Discussion mark – 00:02:43)
The gist: Selfish moms dreaming of child murder meet violent lesbians. Plus, an appearance by dude-bro husband Joe Swanberg. Think the horrors of feticide.






You and the Night posterYou and the Night (Discussion mark – 00:08:06)
The gist: The tribulations of immortality and ritualistic orgies wrapped in magic synth-pop. Think Last Year at Marienbad meets The Rocky Horror Picture Show.






Strange Color of Your Bodys Tears posterThe Strange Color of your Body’s Tears (Discussion mark – 00:40:28)
The gist: A haunted house murder mystery. Think The Shining and Suspiria make a giallo film in a blender.






Wetlands posterWetlands (Discussion mark – 00:46:13)
The gist: Female sexual empowerment with a side of anal mutilation and a stupid love story. Think dirty porny manic-pixie-dream-girl rom-com as an antidote for the feminine hygiene industry.

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