Episode 43: Geek Media Expo (2013)

Episode 43: Geek Media Expo Vol. 5
[And you can check out our Fan Con Safe Zone presentation materials here.]

Handy-dandy topics chart:

Horror (00:04:24)
Multiculturalism (00:15:04)
DIY Media (00:46:13)
“Liberal Arts” (00:57:28)



Peter Cushing
* Son of Hitler

Jerry Lentz
* Nebula

Marble Hornets

GMX Girls

Rob Schwalb

Teal Sherer
* My Gimpy Life
* Oracle speaks out

The Mark

The Evolve Project

Nashville Geek Life

Euphoria Cosplay Studios

He Geek She Geek

Nashville PRIDE

Chainsaw Buffet Geek Media Expo Volume 5 Recap

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School

Episode 18: Geek Media Expo Vol. 4

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