Episode 46: Santa Claws (1996)

Episode 46: Santa Claws

Santa ClawsNOTES:

Santa Claws

Brinke Stevens

Western PA Eric Look-alikes:
* Bubby Brister
* Neil O’Donnell
* Tommy Maddox

The Feminist Sex Wars

Episode 15: Videodrome

The Green River Killer

Wayne’s awesome car

The (2012) Whorer Awards

One response to “Episode 46: Santa Claws (1996)

  1. I mistakenly said our X-Files: I Want to Believe rating avatar was “rakes to the face.” The ratings avatar for that episode is the far more titillating and politically incorrect “alter boys.” “Rake to the face” is the metaphor that Fem used to describe the absolute zero on our ratings Likert scale regardless of the specific avatar. I am pretty sure this metaphor was inspired by X-Files: I Want to Believe.

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